Back in 2013, during an interview for the Elsewhere website (New Zealand) Eddie Kramer mentioned the plans to release some exciting Hendrix live shows.

“There will be a lot of great, no beyond great, amazing live shows, most of which were filmed.” – “…unreleased and maybe not even heard.”

Since that interview, Experience Hendrix released Miami 68, Atlanta 70, snippets of the New York Pop Festival 1970, Jimi’s last concert at Fehmarn Island, the Maui performance, Hollywood Bowl 68, L.A. Forum 69,…. Apart from that, he could also have been referring to the Royal Albert Hall concerts. However, all those listed couldn’t be described as being “…not even heard” before, as they had all been circulating among collectors for decades.
Let’s hope that there are other interesting things on the way!

Read the interview here.


The Hendrix/Jagger Tape?

On November 27th 1969, after dropping by to see The Rolling Stones at Madison Square Gardens, a party was thrown for Jimi at TV presenter Flip Wilson’s apartment in the Hotel Navarro. After the party Jimi and Mick Jagger went round to the home of Deering Howe. They got the guitars out and with Howe on harmonica, the three of them played tracks from The Stones new album “Let It Bleed”! A proto “Dolly Dagger” was also captured on the tape machine which recorded the whole thing. The tape remains in the possession of Mr. Howe who promised to Mick that that was where it would remain (unfortunately for us).
Many thanks to Yazid Manou for bringing this information to us.

Black Gold?????

This is the most eagerly anticipated item in the vault.
In 2010, Janie Hendrix mentioned in an interview that Experience Hendrix had plans o release this legendary personal demo tape at sometime over the next decade. One track titled “Suddenly November Morning” appeared on the 2010 box set “West Coast Seattle Boy”, leaving us hungry for more.
Here we are in the 20s and still nothing more.
> Here is more information about “Black Gold”:

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