It’s train-spotter time again.

A random look at various singles that I have comme across while putting this site together (I left out the pre-Experience material).

Where it all began – “Hey Joe”/”Stone Free” (Polydor UK 1966)

The band bump into Long Chris (who also supported Johhny Halliday at Paris Olympia ’66) at a Paris flea market.

A rare photo of the band posing with a vintage Rolls Royce.

Polydor Japan

An adaptation of the AreYou Experienced cover photo.

Jimi and Mitch a Teh Isle Of Wight Festival.
The songs are the studio versions.

Jimi on a European TV show,miming wih a borrowed Fender Jaguar (which is why the strings are strung for a right handed player)

A very rare six inch (!) 33 rpm record
(Barclay – MiniBoum series – France)

Free 7″ flexidisc
with Rolling Stone magazine

“Stepping Stone” promo
for the Voodoo Soup compilation



 “The traffic lights they turn blue tomorrow and shine their emptiness down on my bed”