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New and recent books

Here’s a selection of some interesting books that have appeared in recent months/years.

Jimi Hendrix In France
by Caesar Glebbeek (Univibes – September 2023)

Presented in the same way as the Jimi Hendrix In Holland book (see further down), this is a highly detailed account of Jimi’s various visits to France from 1966 to 1969.
It’s a lavishly illustrated (colour and b/w) 96 page hardback A4+ book. Limited edition.

Order details

Foxy Papers #11
by Ben Valkhoff

Ben just keeps them coming. Here’s his last collection of press clippings, covering the two years after Jimi’s passing.

Order them all here

Hear My Train A, Comin’: The Songs Of Jimi Hendrix
by Kevin Le Gendre

Jimi is widely recognised as the greatest rock guitarist but one of the main reasons for his success was his talent as a songwriter. All the other “guitar heroes” pale in comparison (with the exception of Prince).
This interesting new book is a brilliantly written journey through Jimi’s musical universe, exploring his musicianship, lyrics, arrangements, evolution, influences, legacy,…

Details here

Modern Listener Guide: Jimi Hendrix
by Frank Moriarty

One of the best books ever about Jimi’s recorded legacy.
Details here

> Check out “The Book of the Future” section for reviews of albums released since publication of the book!

Stone Free – Jimi Hendrix In London
September 1966 to June 1967
by Jas Obrecht

An interesting book from the award-winning journalist and former editior of Guitar Player magazine, concentrating on Jimi’s conquoring of Europe in 1966-67, up to his return to the U.S.A. at the Monterey Pop Festival.
A nice idea to do a step-by-step account of this exhilerating rise to fame before all the problems turned things sour.
Very well researched and rich with technical details for those interested in Jimi’s gear and guitar techniques!

Details here

Jimi Hendrix In Holland
by Caesar Glebbeek

A Univibes special edition from the renowned Hendrix researcher.

Details here

Jimi Hendrix – The Day I Was There
by Richard Houghton

An excellent collection of eye-witness accounts of Hendrix performances including many precious ones from the pre-Experience days!
This is a great read, giving so many little details about the various performances seen and also about how people thought, behaved, reacted
travelled, shopped,… many fascinating glimpses into the past.
There are many mentions of guitar burning, which haven’t been detailed before (as far as I know).
It is generally acknowledged that Jimi set fire to a guitar only at the London Astoria and at Monterey but here, we have accounts of the stunt at: Leeds, Chesterfield, Hastings Pier, Sheffield, Jacksonville, Washington, Ann Arbour, Bristol and Miami!

Promo clip

by Ben Valkhoff & Luigi Garuti

Ben and Luigi’s superb series of four volumes detailing Jimi’s life from September 1966 to September 1970. These and many other books by Ben are available from his site Jimi Hendrix Books:

Order them here


A book from the Hendrix Estate to celebrate Jimi’s 80th Anniversary.

Kiss The Sky
by J.M. Dupont & Mezzo

A supeb 2022 graphic novel of Jimi’s life written by J.M. Dupont and drawn by Mezzo, this first volume (of two) recounts Jimi’s early years, from his birth (looking out of the belly-button window) right up to his life-changing flight to England in Sepember 1966.
All aspects of this troubled period of Jimi’s short life have been well researched by the authors (with help from Yazid Manou again), covering his upbringing, his girlfriends, his Sreaming Eagles training, the chitlin’ circuit (Gorgeous George, Little Richard, Isleys,…) and New York (Curtis Knight, John Hammond, Linda Keith, Chas,…).
Mezzo’s highly contrasted black and white artwork is lavish and dynamic with some clever image/text inserts (follow the link below to view some pages on the editor’s website). This is in French for now but other language versions should appear in the future. Looking forward to volume 2!

The publisher’s website: Kiss The Sky – Glenat


Jimi Hendrix en BD

An interesting upgrade of the French comic book/graphic novel, which feaures 27 artists, each depicting episodes/moments in Jimi’s life (all the scenarios are written by Olivier Petit). This hardback re-edition is bigger and better printed (stronger blacks) than the previous edition. A few shorter stories that were in the first edition have been axed but this time, the added bonus is that each story has an accompanying essay (by the French Hendrix specialist Yazid Manou) and many photos, so the book reads more like a short illustrated biography.
A few stories might have factual errors (for example suggesting that Jeffery had something to do with Jimi’s demise – utter nonsense) but Yazid’s pieces keep things in historical context . The stories themselves are illustrated in a multitude of styles so it’s nice to have, even if one doesn’t master the French language (an English version could follow later).

* BD = Bande Dessinée (comic strip)

> Note that the book is part of a series of multi-artist graphic novels about many other musicians (Bowie, Pink Floyd, The Clash, ACDC,…)

The publisher’s website: Petit à Petit

< The previous edition which had a much nicer front cover!

Jimi Hendrix – Electric Requiem

This other graphic novel appeared before the book detailed above – coincidentally with a cover depicticting Jimi as the guitar gnasher.
This time the artwork is by Gianluca Maconi who also wrote the scenario with Mattia Colombara. The cover is by Giovanni Marinovich.



 “You’ve got me blowin’, blowin’ my mind. Is it tomorrow or just the end of time?”