Los Angeles Forum – April 26, 1969

With the 1970 studio recordings box and The Royal Albert Hall show(s) still on hold, this new live release came as compensation. All of it has been officially released before but this time the recording has been mixed by Eddie Kramer. Released in November 2022. More details in the Posthumous Live Releases 2020s section.

Royal Albert Hall 1969

On October 21st, 2019, at the famous Royal Albert Hall there was a special, one-night-only screening of the long lost footage of the Jimi Hendrix Experience live at that very venue (24th of February 1969). Here is an eye-witness report of the film screening from fellow Hendrix fan Jacek Witecki: “I was in London recently, […]

The Astoria/Zappa Stratocaster

At Finsbury Park Astoria on March 31st, 1967, Jimi caused a sensation when he burnt a guitar for the first time. In later years the whereabouts of the remains of the guitar was a mystery. Then in 2008 a Stratocaster that was said to be the legendary guitar was sold a auction for £280,000… but […]

Further releases ?

Back in 2013, during an interview for the Elsewhere website (New Zealand) Eddie Kramer mentioned the plans to release some exciting Hendrix live shows. “There will be a lot of great, no beyond great, amazing live shows, most of which were filmed.” – “…unreleased and maybe not even heard.” Since that interview, Experience Hendrix released […]

Jimi Hendrix was NOT murdered!

The idea that Jimi was murdered by his manager and that he was worked to death has become part of Hendrix folklore. Looking at the facts closely, one discovers that it’s all complete nonsense (fueled by clueless conspiracy theorists served up for the ill-informed). Find out the facts here.

HENDRIX – 1970: Day By Day

It’s here at last. The latest book from Ben Valkhoff and Luigi Garuti, all about Jimi’s last 9 months on the third stone from the sun. It also features the best yet in-depth analysis of Jimi final hours (with help from yours truly – see the links to my page about Jimi’s death). Order it […]

Latest books

Check out some of the latest publications (and past books) about he great man on the Bibliography page.