Here is an intersting list list of acts who supported Jimi’s live performances over the years (avoiding festivals).
Information compiled from Tony Brown’s excellent “Jimi Hendrix Concert Files”

The Silverstone Set
Jimmy Cliff
The Shakedown Sound
The Bond
West Coast Promotion
All Night Workers
Lot 5
The Flies
The Soul Trinity
Sandy & Hilary
The Soft Machine
Dave Dee & CO.
The Nashville Teens
The Koobas
Force Five
The Pretty Things
The Small faces
The Strollers
The Mandrakes
Brother Bung
Sons & Lovers
The Group
The Charades
The Steel Band
Ray Bones
The Movement
The Jo De Brown Trust
Denny Laine (later of Moody Blues and Wings)
Garnet Mimms
The Beat Cats
Restless Sect
Shatters & Manuela
Cat Stevens
Mats & Brita
The Harlem Kiddies with King George
The Defenders

The Beafeaters
The Wantons
New Joys
The Namelosers
The Stormsville Shakers
Procul HaremThe Cliftons
Gabor Szabo
Jefferson Airplane
Big Brother & The Holding Company
Country Joe & The Fish
Strawberry Alarm Clock
Captain Speed
Sam & Dave
Tiny Tim
The Seeds
The Young Rascals
Len Chandler
Mamas & The Papas
Scott McKenzie
Natty Bumpo
Moby Grape
Tim Buckley
The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown
The Crying Shames
Tomorrow (featuring Kieth West)
Jimmy James & The Vagabonds
Wynder K. Frog
Long John Baldry
The Outsiders
Mersey Sect
AB Musik
The Deejays
The Midnighters
The Halifax Team
Jorgen Reinholds
Hansson & Karlsson
The Herd
The Flower People
The Rubber Band

Eire Apparent
The Pebbles
The Orange Seaweed
Modes Mode
The Canal Street Philharmonic
Tamla Express
The Nice (with Kieth Emerson)
The Motions
Ten Years After
The Move
Pink Floyd
Amen Corner
The Outer Limits Mecki Marc Men
Baby Grandmothers
Eric Burdons New Animals
Albert King
John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers
The Creators
East Side Kids
The Moving Sidewalks (with Billy Gibbons)
Neal Ford & The Fanatics
The Chessmen (featuring Jimmy Vaughan)
Woody’s Truck Stop
The Rationals
The Paupers
Mark Boyle Sense Laboratory
John Hammond Jnr
4 O’clock Balloon
Hanseatic League
Terry & The Telstars
Jesse First Carnival
The Rustics
The Bowl
Fruit Of The Loom
Glass Calendar
Bruce Cockburn
Sly & The Family Stone
The Mothers of Invention
Blue Cheer

John Lee Hooker
Pier Franco Colonna
Doctor K’s Blues band
The Triad
Franco Estill Group
The Kieth Henderson Group
Vanilla Fudge
Amboy Dukes (with Ted Nugent)
TheChambers Brothers
Times Music Co.
Buddy Miles Express
Dino Valentino
Cat Mother & The All Night Newsboys
The McCoys
Terry reid
Fernando Valenti
The New York Brass Quintet
Gin House Blues Group
Burning Red Ivanhoe
Jethro Tull
Mason, Capaldi, Wood & Frog
Fat Mattress (with Noel Redding)
Van der Graff Generator
Chicago Transit Authority
The Voices Of East Harlem
Ballin Jack
Blue Mountain Eagle
Savage Grace
Country Funk
Grateful Dead
Steve Miller Band
The Jam Factory
Tower Of Power
Grin (with Nils Lofgren)
The Illusion
Rube Tuben
The Rhondonnas
Blue Sun