UK “Are You Experienced” back cover

US/Canada “Are You Experienced” – back cover

UK “Axis Bold As Love” inner sleeve and 2-colour lyric sheet (Track)
and the US inner sleeve (Reprise)

The fantastic inner sleeve of the UK Electric Ladyland (Track)

The inside of the French “Electric Ladyland” (Barclay).
Photo by Jean-Pierre Leloir.

The inner sleeve of the US edition of Electric Ladyland with the photo patchwork (as suggested by Jimi)

“Electric Ladyland Part One” (Track 1968)
This wasn’t a gatefold, I just put the front and back together to show the complete illustration.

The 1969 released US Smash Hits rear cover (Reprise)

The original Band Of Gypsys inner sleeve, with Jimi’s poem:

Baby Child as a man
as a living grain of sand…
Sitting on the ever changing shore,
Greeting the sunrise…
Picked up upon the Gypsy woman,
Hair Flaming Night as ravens even sleep…rainbow cloth
Tambourine complimenting her chant and choice of graces,
And Love Her God…

I actually looked upon her on my right…coming forth,
And Baby Child then secondly looked his left to eye
And 11 or 12 women, men and little ones approached;
They clad in their master’s wish;
White robes swaying to be baptized.
These two world crossed each other in front of me, when
Afterwards, Baby Child sipped a heartful of ocean…
Spat out the waste and walked upon the New Day.

Back of the 1 st UK Track edition of “Band Of Gypsys”
Right handed puppet !

“Band Of Gypsys” gatefold outer sleeve unfolded
UK 2nd edition (Track) 
Isle Of Wight photo

The inners and backs of Cry Of Love, Rainbow Bridge, Hendrix In The West,
the “Experience” film soundtrack and “A Film About Jimi Hendrix” soundtrack

Inner bag of some 70s Reprise albums
(also used for the cover of the  Australien 12 record box set).



 “The traffic lights they turn blue tomorrow and shine their emptiness down on my bed”