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One day in 1970 I bought “I’ll Be There” by The Jackson 5 and the Number 1 record at the time, “Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)”.
Then a friend let me borrow his “Backtrack 3” and I was hooked for good.
So this page is dedicated to Who managers Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp who founded the label.

These are the only Backtrack compilations that featured The Jimi Hendrix Experience.


The House That Track Built
Released 1969 (Track Records)
A rare Track compilation from 1969 which set the pattern for the Backtrack series.

The Who – Magic Bus – Young Man Blues – A Quick One While He’s Away / The Jimi Hendrix Experience – All Along The Watchtower – Purple Haze / The Sand Pebbles – Love Power / Precisions – This is Love / John’s Children – Desdemona / Fairport Convention – If I had A Ribbon Bow / Thunderclap Newman – Wilhelmina / The Parliaments – I Wanna Testify / The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown – Fire – Devil’s Grip

Released 1970 (Track Records)

Walk On Gilded Splinters – Marsha Hunt, Hey Joe – The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Devil’s Grip – Arthur Brown, Pictures Of Lily – The Who, All Along The Watchtower – The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Desdemona – John’s Children, Fire – Arthur Brown, I Can See For Miles – The Who, Follow Me – Eire Apparent, It’s Been A Long Time – Andy Ellison, Call Me Lightning – The Who, The Wind Cries Mary – The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Released 1970 (Track Records)

Under My Thumb – The Who, Desdemona – John’s Children, Purple Haze – The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Come & Play With Me In The Garden – John’s Children, If I Had A Ribbon Bow – Fairport Convention, Magic Bus – The Who, Something In The Air – Thunderclap Newman, Sing Songs Of Love – Cherry Smash, Pinball Wizzard – The Who, Nightmare – Arthur Brown, Fire – The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Last Time – The Who

Released 1970 (Track Records)

The Who – Substitute, Disguises, Run Run Run, I’m A Boy, Whiskey Man, Happy Jack, So Sad About Us
The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Hey Joe, I Don’t Live Today, Purple Haze, Can You See Me, The Wind Cries Mary, Stone Free

Released 1970 (Track Records)

The Who – Pictures Of Lily, Relax, Sunrise, I Can See For Miles, Armenia City In The Sky, Our Love Was, Call Me Lightning
The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Burning Of The Midnight Lamp, Are You Experienced, If Six Was Nine, Remember, Gypsy Eyes, All Along The Watchtower

Released 1970 (Track Records)

The Who – Magic Bus, Boris The Spider, Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand, Tattoo, Pinball Wizard, I’m Free, Rael
The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Rainy Day Dream Away, Manic Depression, Love Or Confusion, Come On, Spanish Castle Magic, Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)


The 2nd Backtrack series (plain covers) released at the same time as Backtrack 10 and 11. Curiously this featured the Curtis Knight & The Squires single “How Would You feel”! This was released very shortly after the first London [Decca] Records 45 release of the song, so Track were asserting their rights to the recordings one presumes. A big thank you to Mac for details about this release.

Released 1970 (Track Records)

How Would You Feel – Jimi Hendrix & Curtis Knight, Hippy Gumbo – Marsha Hunt, It’s Only Me – Bent Frame, The Seeker – The Who, I See It All – Thunderclap Newman, Keep The Customer Satisfied – Marsha Hunt, Summertime Blues – The Who, What’s Happening – The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, Long hot Summer Night – The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Accidents – Thunderclap Newman, Here For More – The Who, The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam’s Dice – The Jimi Hendrix Experience

BACKTRACK 10 – Are You Experienced
Released 1971 (Track Records)

Foxy Lady, Manic Depression, Red House, Can You See Me, Love Or Confusion, I Don’t Live Today, May This Be Love, Fire, 3rd Stone From The Sun, Remember, Are You Experienced

BACKTRACK 11 – Axis Bold As Love
Released 1971 (Track Records)

Exp, Up From The Skies, Spanish Castle Magic, Wait Until Tomorrow, Aint No Telling, Little Wing, If Six Was Nine, You’Ve Got Me Floating, Castles Made Of Sand, She’S So Fine, One Rainy Wish, Little Miss Lover, Bold As Love