1. Artist's tributes to Jimi

I begin with the best one:

JEAN-PAUL BOURELLY – Tribute To Jimi Hendrix

Machine Gun Suite, Star Spangled Banner, Power of soul, Message of love, Electric Ladyland, Cherokee mist, Straight ahead, Are you experienced, Who knows / Talkin’ bout my baby, Bombs and Rainbows

This is certainly the most satisfying Hendrix tribute album I’ve come across. Straight away, as the massive and very respectful “Machine Gun Suite” thunders in, it’s evident that Bourelly means business here. Gorgeous guitar sound, echoeing Jimi to just the right amount, leaving himself enough room to elaborate. “Star Spangled Banner” also follows Jimi’s interpretation to good effect before a revamped “Power Of Soul” turns things around and lets Jean-Paul display the dimension of his talents. A wonderful tight guitar piece which only resembles the song we know in the final stages.
What’s great about this album is the fact that we have here black musicians throwing themselves whole heartedly into Jimi’s music, keeping the right balance between rhythmic FUNK and exploration. It’s like a second incarnation of a Band Of Gypsys and the band feature four numbers from their repertoire. Uncannily at times, Jean-Paul gets exactly the unique sound that Jimi put across at those Fillmore gigs (particularly on “Who Knows”).
Bourelly is also a strong singer and he is supported by Alfredo Alias on drums (but Kevin Johnson on “Cherokee Mist” ), T.M. Stevens on bass and Irene Datcher on back up vocals.
I can’t detail all the stunning moments gathered here but can only point to the great reading of “Cherokee Mist”, the not often covered and deliciously funky “Straight Ahead”, the great solos on “Message To Love”, “Who Knows”, hell, on all tracks.
If you buy only one Hendrix tribute album, this is it.

More info on his site www.bourelly.de

In 2007 Bourelly toured as Band Of Gypsys Reloaded which eventually led to the following 2011 release:

GYPSYS RELOADED – ” Live In Amsterdam”

Are You Experienced, Who Knows, Power Of Soul, Message To Love, If 6 Was 9, Them Changes, Machine Gun

Jean-Paul Bourelly is back, with Melvin Gibbs on bass and Calvin Weston on drums (who takes the place of the group’s initial drummer Cindy Blackman). This is fantastic stuff with Jean-Paul on overdrive, putting in some stunning inventive solos while staying close the feel of the original Band Of Gypsy’s ‘s versions.
To pad out the set, the group do nice readings of a couple of classic Experience numbers for good measure. Again, one of the best ever Hendrix tribute albums.

Listen to it here!

> Jean-Paul also teamed up with Darryl Jones (Miles Davis, Rolling Stones) and Will Calhoun (Living Color) as Stone Raiders. In the book “Hear My Train A Comin’: The Songs Of Jimi Hendrix” by Kevin Le Gendre (Equinox 2020), the author has this to say about the band: “If there is a contempory band that stands as a more direct heir to Hendrix then it is Stone Raiders.”

DEFUNKT – ” A Blues Tribute To Jimi Hendrix & Muddy Waters”

Fire, Little Wing, If 6 Was 9, Who Knows, Foxy Lady, Manic Depression

Jean-Paul Bourelly also plays on this live tribute to Jimi and Muddy. Again, a nice version of “Who Knows” in there.

BILLY COX & BUDDY MILES – “Return Of The Band Of Gypsys”

Studio tracks: Power Of Soul, Machine Gun, Manic Depression, You’ve Got The Best In Town (Cox/Nixon), Let Your Word Be Your Bond (Cox)
Live tracks: Stone Free, Power Of Soul, Who Knows, Foxy Lady

An interesting Cox/Miles reunion album from Experience in 2006. Buddy Miles is on top form and he puts in some fine vocals. Billy plays bass on every track except Manic Depression (on which Buddy only does lead vocal).
Buddy is absent on the Cox songs Let Your Word Be Your Bond and You’ve Got The Best In Town, where Billy sings fine lead vocal (he’s also on lead vocals for the live Stone Free).
On the first two tracks, guitarist Andy Aledort brilliantly reproduces Jimi’s playing (better than anyone has ever done I’d say). Other guest guitarists are Eric Gales, Kenny Olsen, “Rick” Hendrix and Gary Serkin.
All in all, this is a fine Hendrix tribute album.

BUDDY MILES – “Hey Jimi – Tribute To Jimi Hendrix”

Miles already had his own tribute album out but
this one only featureds a cover of “Red House”.

MITCH MITCHELL & BILLY COX – “Freedom” Live At Fuji Rock Festival 2004 July, 31

Freedom, Stone Free, The Wind Cries Mary, Manic Depression, Born Under A Bad Sign, Spanish Castle Magic, Hey Joe, Red House (with Stevie Salas),Voodoo Child

A rarity here with Mitch and Billy rocking out with the brilliant Andy Aledort on guitar again for this live tribute that turned up on Thirteen Records in 2004.

Here’s a live video of the band

THE GIL EVANS ORCHESTRA -“plays the music of Jimi Hendrix”

Angel, Crosstown Traffic/Little Miss Lover, Castles Made Of Sand, Foxy Lady, Up from The Skies, 1983, Voodoo Chile, Gypsy Eyes

Jimi was in fact lined up to work with Gil Evans in 1970, but didn’t make it. Alan Douglas had played Jimi Miles Davis’ “Sketches Of Spain” and suggested that he made a blues album along the same lines, backed by orchestral arrangements. Douglas negotiated with Gil Evans (the producer and arranger “Sketches”) and plans were laid for album with the working title of “Voodoo Chile Plays The Blues”. Unfortunately Jimi passed away before they could get together in the studio.
To compensate the loss, Evans put together this big band jazz tribute in 1974. The arrangements are superb and perfectly fit the mood of each song.
It certainly isn’t a corny jazz album and things do get pretty funky and low down (70’s style !) with great solo performances from all concerned (including sax ace David Sanborn) and there are some fine rap vocals on “Crosstown” by Hanibal Martin Peterson.
Evans certainly understood the beauty that lies within Jimi’s music.

A couple of live albums by Evans also feature Hendrix songs.

LONNIE YOUNGBLOOD – “Psychedelic Experience – A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix”

Purple Haze, Fire, Foxy Lady, Changes, All Along The Watchtower, If Six Was Nine, Bold As Love, Little Wing, We Gotta Live Together, Red House, Stone Free, The Wind Cries Mary, Changing Lanes, The Star Spangled Banner

Jimi’s old friend put together this tribute album in 2012.

THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE – “If 60’s Were 90’s”

The Beautiful People sampled Hendrix from a DAT of the master tapes (handed over by Alan Douglas) to make this convincing techno-groove, Acid House album which is great fun and at times genuinely moving.
It’s amusing to guess at the origins of some of the many samples which are brilliantly assembled to make a very listenable album (my wife loves this !). In the sleeve there was a chart showing all the sources. Even Brian Jones’s Monterey introduction is spliced in there and it kills me every time. Many passages thoroughly enhance some of Jimi’s riffs and phrasings. Nice work.

2021 remaster
This re-release is available as a 2CD version, featuring the remaster of the original album plus a number of new mash-ups of each song and a new title – “Dig”.
There is also yet another CD available which features further re-imaginings by Youth (Killing Joke, Paul McCartney) and others, plus a hefty luxury box set edition with all three CDs, purple vinyl, a DVD, a book,…).
The remixes in fact bear little resemblance to the originally released mash-ups and are new techno/electro beat explorations, punctuated again with the snatches of Jimi’s guitar, lyrics and quotes. There are numerous remixes of the the title track (the “PM Dawn Part Of Life Mix” is the closest to the original), “Rilly Groovy” and “Comin’ To Get You”. The “Charl-e Take Ya Higher Mix” of the latter, with samples of Noel and then Little Richard and then talking about Jimi, had me in hysterics!
The Youth CD also features a never before released mash-up titled “The Experience (Demo Outtake”.

NIGEL KENNEDY – “The Kennedy Experience”

Third Stone from the Sun, Little Wing, 1983 [(A Merman I Should Turn to Be), Drifting, Fire, Purple Haze

Jimi would have been so proud of this one. Top classical violinist Nigel Kennedy gives it all he’s got with this superb tribute album.
It’s an all acoustic group with cellos, oboe, flute and on guitar there is Doug Boyle (known for his work with Robert Plant) and none other than John Etheridge! These are rich, intense and very personal interpretations of Jimi’s works with a blend of contemporary classical music, free jazz and rock. The mellower tracks work the best I feel and luckily the first four songs here are Hendrix ballads and slow to mid-tempo numbers. I’d like to hear more Hendrix from his outfit.

Musicians: Nigel Kennedy (violin), John Etheridge and Doug Boyle (guitars), Emma Black and Gerri Sutyak (cellos), Dave Heath (flute), Kate St. Jon (oboe)

From the sleeve notes: “If a musician doesn’t reach personal and unexpected emotional realms with his music – what the fuck is he doing? Here’s something personal, inspired by one of this century’s most important creators.” – Nigel Kennedy

In 2021, Kennedy described Jimi as “…one of the foremost composers of the 20th century, along with Stravinsky and Duke Ellington.”

MACHINE MASS – ” Plays Hendrix”

Third Stone From The Sun, Purple Haze, Little Wing, Spanish Castle Magic, Fire, Voodoo Chile, Burning Of The Midnight Lamp, You Got Me Floatin’, The Wind Cries Mary

This 2017 release (on Moonjune Records) was a nice surprise. The Belgian author and musician Michel Delville (guitar and effects/samples) teams up with Antoine Guenet (keyboards/piano) and Tony Bianco (drums) for some adventurous jazz/fusion/rock/free expansions on Jimi’s music. This is the sort of creative Hendrix tribute that I prefer, where musicians take the basic theme of the song as a platform for exploration and improvisation.
On the final track (Wind Cries Mary) Jimi’s voice comes in over the music (taken from an interview). A nice last touch.

> Melville and Bianco also performed previously as the trio douBt (with Alex McGuire on keyboards) and their Mercy, Pity & Love album featured another interpretation of Purple Haze.


THOMAS NAÏM – “Sounds of Jimi”

Fire, Foxy Lady, Castles Made Of Sand, Villanova Junction, Drifting, Purple Haze, Cherokee Mist, If 6 Was 9, Lover Man, Little Wing, Manic Depression, All Along The Watchtower, Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

An excellent jazzy guitar tribute to Jimi. There are vocals on a few tracks and Naïm explores on electric and acoustic guitar.

Stream it on YouTube here.

ROBERT DICK – “Third Stone From The Sun” 

Third Stone From The Sun, Pali Gap, Purple Haze, Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)

One of the very best Hendrix tribute albums from the flute virtuoso. A superb (and very faithful) version of Pali Gap HERE.

Check his brilliant interpretation of Machine Gun also: HERE


Some excellent piano explorations of Jimi’s music.

Third Stone from the Sun (Jimi Hendrix), All along the Watchtower (Bob Dylan), Speed Peanut (Françis Lockwood), Snow in Eckford street (Françis Lockwood), The Wind cries Mary, Patty Song (Françis Lockwood), Gypsy Eyes, Sunshine of your love (Clapton, Bruce Brown), Burning of the Midnight Lamp, Hey Joe (Billy Roberts)

WU TANG – “Black Gold” 

A 2011 hip-hop tribute to Jimi which samples his music and voice. This is a lot of fun.

Info & free download here

EDDIE HAZEL & KRUNCHY – “A Night For Jimi Hendrix”

John Connely’s Theory, Are You Experienced, Voodoo Child, Manic Depression, I Don’t Live Today, Power Of Soul, Maggot Brain

Funkadelic’s guitar ace with Krunchy (?) for this live tribute gig.

PINGUIN MOSCHNER & JOE SACHSE – “Play The Music Of Jimi Hendrix – If 69 was 96”

Highway child, Aus allen Wolken/Up from the skies, Gipsy ears, Voodoo Chile/Zombie daddies, Purple haze/Red mist, Candel light in Disneyland/Burning of the midnight lamp, Lee pizza, ne/Spanish castle magic, The wind cries Mary/Leave a message after the beep, If sixtynine was ninetys/If six was nine, Angel, Hey Joe, Little Wing, Wild thing/Mild thing

JOE SACHSE – Plays Jimi Hendrix – “Drifting”

In From The Storm, 51st Anniversary, Drifting, Message To Love, The Wind Cries Mary, Can You See Me, If Six Was Nine, Purple Haze, Come On (King), Angel, Manic Depression, All Along The Watchtower (Dylan), Voodoo Chile, Burning Of The Midnight Lamp, Hey Joe (Roberts)

It is always amazing to discover how skilled musicians really get to the core of Jimi’s compositions and demonstrate just how much “jazz” lies within. After putting together a tribute album with Pinguin Moschuer (“If 69 Was 96”), guitariste Joe Sachse takes on Hendrix again, but this time completely alone, even playing the bass and percussion accompaniment. This gives a much purer approach than usual which brings the focus on the excellence of Jimi’s songwriting.
Joe has real talent in reworking the songs to transform them into stand alone performances. “Purple Haze” for example becomes a hauntingly meditative solo blues. The primitive techno beat of his “Can You See Me” sounds like Suicide meets Jeff Beck! “Manic Depression” is reduced to a skeletal strict minimum. “Burning Of The Midnight Lamp” becomes a long suite with many shifting moods.
This brilliant exercise is one of my favourite Hendrix tribute albums to date.
Website: www.helmut-joe-sachse.de/


Voodoo Child (Slight Return), Up from the Skies, Gypsy Eyes, Purple Haze/Star Spangled Banner


Foxy Lady, Castles Made Of Sand/Star Spangled Banner, Third Stone From The Sun, Jimi Meets Miles

Two volumes of Hendrix tributes from this brilliant trio:

Lonnie Smith – organ
John Abercrombie – electric guitar
Marvin “Smitty” Smith – drums

GARY MOORE – “Blues For Jimi”

Purple Haze, Manic Depression, Foxy Lady, The Wind Cries Mary, I Don’t Live Today, My Angel, Angel, Fire, Red House, Stones Free, Hey Joe, Voodoo Chile (Slight Return).

Recorded at the London Hippodrome on 25 October 2007. This performance was part of the launch for “Live At Monterey”. At the end of the night Gary was joined by Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cox for 3 tracks.

LESZEK CICHONSKI – “Thanks Jimi” (featuring Stan Skibby)

Foxy Lady, Purple Haze, Voodoo Chile, Cocaine (Cale), Thanks Jimi (Cichonski), Fire, Like a Rolling Stone (Dylan), Hey Joe (Roberts), Crazy Horse (Cichonski/Winfield), Little Wing, Who Knows

Polish blues album and guitarist of the year 2003, and rightly so. Five tracks in the studio (1-5), the rest are live.
This album is a stunning display of blues-rock guitar from Cichonski and his partner for this album, the Chicago bluesman Stan Skibby (he does some fine vocals, he’s black, dresses like Jimi and plays it left hand !). The band lay down tight funky interpretations of Jimi’s work with nice juicy solos along the way. There are echoes of Stevie Ray Vaughan in there but Cichonski has his own biting style and comes up with some original funky arrangements, especially on the brilliant version of “Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)” which also features “Anita” on vocals. A nice surprise is the cover of “Who Knows” which even got me dancing. Leszeks own compositions also work in well making this an immensly listenable album.

For many years, Cichonski organises a Hendrix festival in Wroclaw, Poland. Over a thousand guitarists play Hendrix songs at the same time !

Find out more on his excellent site.

POPA CHUBBY – “Electric Chubbyland”

CD 1 – Live – Spanish Castle Magic, Foxy Lady, Catfish Blues, The Wind Cries Mary, Purple Haze, Can You See Me, Remember, 3rd Stone From The Sun
CD 2 – Live – Come On, Red House, Who Knows, Hey Joe, Little Wing
CD 3 – Studio – Manic Depression, Up From the Skies, I Don’t Live Today, Isabella, Burning Of The Midnight Lamp, Highway Chile, Bold As Love*, San Catri (For Jimi)

*From the album “Stealing The devil’s Guitar”

Blues ace Popa Chubby is well known for his frequent covers of Hendrix songs and here, he gives it all he’s got with a massive three CD set ! Two live CDs (recorded at The Corner Stage N.Y. February 10/11 2006) and one studio disc in this package, making it the most devoted of all Hendrix tributes albums. Chubby is a blues shouter, so his voice doesn’t adapt to all the songs here but the real interest of course is his superb guitar work throughout. He plays a 66 Strat through a 1965 Fender pro reverb to get closer to Jimi’s sound but this isn’t an imitation exercise as Popa does his own thing with the solos.
Stand outs for me are “Catfish Blues”, “Hey Joe”, “Who Knows”, “Izabella” (instrumental), and “Up from The Skies”. The last track “San Catri” (another version of which was on the “First Cuts” album) is a 16 minute instrumental which begins like “Little Wing” before going into jazz-rock improvisation. Unfortunately, a few live tracks fade out.

Other Hendrix covers (and associated songs) by Chubby:
“Red House” on “New York City Blues Again”
“Fire” (and “Hey Joe”) on “Live At Fip”
“Fire” on “Flashed Back”
“Wild Thing” on “Hit The High Hard One”
“The Wind Cries Mary” on “Brooklin Basement Blues”
“Hey Joe” on “Big Man Big Guitar”
“I Don’t Live Today” with Eric Burdon on “Blue Haze”

 A DVD released April 2007:
“POPA CUBBY plays the music
of Jimi Hendrix at The File 7
Electric Chubbyland”

RUDY KRONFUSS – ‘Plays Jimi Hendrix”

Voodoo Child (Slight Return), Message of Love, Little Wing, Valleys of Neptune, Angel, Fire, Heaven has no Sorrow, The Wind Cries Mary, Voodoo Chile

Austrian Rudy Kronfuss was the guitarist with 70s band Nostradamus and Fontein. He went on to play in big bands and The Electric Guitar Corporation. He has also put together a band, The Rudy Kronfuss Experience !

A very orthodox approach here from Rudy, staying close to Jimi’s arrangements like with the Vince Martell tribute. I had never heard Rudy’s playing before this album and I was not disappointed, Rudy has a nice attack and rich textured sound. The album is packed with juicy saturated solos with everything in the right place. His vocals are relaxed and don’t make one cringe, which is often the case with Hendrix tributes.
“Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)” is a great opener, followed by a “Message To Love” with slightly slowed tempo which works fine.
“Little Wing”, “Angel” and “Wind Cries Mary” get the treatment one expects but the nice surprise on this album is the choice of the rarer Hendrix compositions “Valleys Of Netune” and “Heaven Has No Sorrow”. The latter is particulary well done and it’s nice to hear a rough sketch of Jimi’s brought to such a nice level of finition. Excellent vocal on that song also.
Only 9 tracks. Why ? Because Rudy takes on a 20 minute “Voodoo Chile” to conclude the exercise ! His vocals perhaps lack the amplitude that Jimi gave to the song but that is made up by the excellent guitar work that carries the track along.
Nearly forgot, there is a superb solo on “Fire” – Move over Rover and let Rudy take over !

RUDY KRONFUSS – ‘Plays Jimi Hendrix – Volume 2″ 

Stone free; Up from the skies, Gypsy blood, Dolly dagger, Send my love to Linda, Hey baby, Power of soul, Red house, Third stone from the sun, Scorpio woman, It’s too bad, Belly button window

Rudy’s back with a second volume of Hendrix covers. On the previous volume, Rudy had played some rarer songs from Jimi’s songbook and here he takes the exercise further with some very nice choices. It’s very interesting to hear for example “Scorpio Woman”, “Send My Love To Linda” and “Gypsy Blood” get a new lease of life. The whole album is full of superb guitar playing particularly on “Red House” and “3rd Stone From The Sun”.

And that’s not all:

‘…and say hello to James”
“…and send my love to James”
“…and pass it on to James”

These other three Hendrix tribute albums by Rudy are not made up of cover versions but feature Rudy’s own original compositions. Some great guitar to be heard across all three.

Sadly, Rudy has since passed away but his site is still active and you can listen to extracts of his albums The Rudy Konfuss Homepage

ANDREAS WILLERS & FRIENDS – “play Jimi Hendrix – Experience”

Burning Of The Midnight Lamp, Castles Made Of Sand, Manic Depression, Angel, If Six Was Nine, Sept. 21st, 1966 (Willers), Tricons (Willers), Purple Haze, Voodoo Chile, Foxy Lady, Burglar King (Willers), Crack House Blues (Willers), Who Knows

I’ve always been interested in jazz guitar wizards like John Scofield or Mike Stern, and Willers is certainly of the same calibre.
In 1995 he put this excellent tribute together, which encompasses many different styles. Some tracks take a basic melody of Jimi’s before taking off into improvisation (as Coltrane did with “My Favourite Things” for example), others stay closer to the original arrangements.
Willers doesn’t limit himself to guitar and also plays melodica for “Angel” and some superb electric sitar on “If Six Was Nine”. Jörg Huke’s trombone on “Foxy Lady” reminds me of the Gil Evans arrangement, before the musiciens put in great solos. On other tracks, Willers takes the songs apart, reconstructing them in his own way, even with some abstract spoken lyrics from Gabriele Hasler and Jim Black (“Castles Made Of Sand,” and “Voodoo Chile”).
However, the band can really get down to business and let it rock (“Manic Depression”, “Purple Haze”) with some incredible guitar work from Willers and his guests including other hot guitarists.
Like the Doran-Studer album below, there is a very original approach to all this and an album that one can come back to often with interest. Jimi would have loved it.

Find out more about Andreas Willers on his website

NGUYEN LE – “Purple – Celebrating Jimi Hendrix”

1983, Manic Depression, Are You Experienced, Purple Haze, Burning Of The Midnight Lamp, If 6 Was 9, Voodoo Child, South Saturn Delta, Up From The Skies, Third Stone from The Sun

Here, Vietnamese jazz guitarist Nguyên Lê fuses together American, Oriental and African phrasing to create an excellent tribute album. As usual with this sort of jazz/rock/funk approach most songs are totally restructured and at times one easily forgets which song was the basis for the track, until a familiar lyric or riff brings you back.
Nguyên’s soloing twists and turns with virtuoso precision but he also rocks the house, enough to make even Jeff Beck and Eddie Van Halen green with envy.
His choice of songs is very clever. “South Saturn Delta” for example, one of Jimi’s most jazz orientated compositions, this time without a brass arrangement. “Up From The Skies” also, ideal for the slow funky blues it becomes.
For the vocals Nguyên teams up with some “electric ladies” as he calls them, to produce very original readings of Jimi’s compositions. The main contributor is the talented Terri Lynne Carrington, who takes lead vocals on five tracks and also provides some great drums throughout, so almost making this album a joint effort. The vocals with an African dialect are by Aïda Khann, as on the superb “Voodoo Child” which moves in all directions, beginning with hard rock and oriental synth guitar over African chants and percussion taking Jimi’s music back to the roots and beyond.


DORAN -STUDER-MINTON-BATES-ALI “play the music of Jimi Hendrix”

Foxy Lady, Manic Depression, Up From The Skies, Purple Haze, Hey Joe (Roberts), 3rd Stone From The Sun, If Six Was Nine, I Don’t Live Today, Are You Experienced

Christy Doran (guitar) and Fredy Studer (drums/percussion) were founding members of the 70’s Swiss group OM and have played together ever since. Here, with other highly accomplished musicians, they take Jimi’s music completely apart to rebuild it in their own abstract improvisational style.
Doran’s superb guitar is only a component part of the rich and varied instrumentation and keyboard player Django Bates doubles on tenor horn. Some totally wild and original vocals are provided by Englishman Phil Minton who stretches and twists Jimi’s lyrics in all directions.
In keeping with the Hendrix spirit, you never know what to expect next. “Foxy Lady” blasts in as “Beginning”, “Up From The Skies” ends as “Wind Cries Mary”. “Are You Experienced” has an nice lilting interlude of “1983”. “Hey Joe” has a slow cool jazz arrangement, punctuated by a furious complex solo from Doran. Studer plays some masterful jazzy drums and percussion but often keeping things on a steady rock trajectory as the soloists take off.
A lot to discover and enjoy here.

A 1994 Studer/Doran compilation titled “Half A Lifetime” featured “Fire” plus another version of “If Six Was Nine” and in September 2005 came another release of Hendrix songs by the band, which was recorded live in Munich (Germany) in October 2004 – see below.


Spanish Castle Magic, Stone Free, Castles Made of Sand, Purple Haze, Fire, Voodoo Child, If 6 Was 9, Wind Cries Mary, Manic Depression, Crosstown Traffic/Message to Love, Little Wing

Doran and Studer are back again with another Hendrix tribute album, with a different line-up this time. This was recorded live in Munich.
Again, an impressive display of musicianship and this time with Erika Stucky on vocals and the impressive Kim Clarke on bass.
The record begins in a fairly conventional fashion with “Spanish Castle Magic” et “Stone Free”. Jazz-tinged half spoken vocals from Stucky, which aren’t my cup of tea but compensated by some wonderfully dense soloing from the amazing Doran. He then does some lovely things around “Castles Made Of Sand” but the track is spolit by some crazy “backward” vocals.
“Purple Haze” begins with a nice epic feel and a few lines that ring a bell ? Yes, it’s Prince’s “Purple Rain”! An interesting central improvisation from Doran and Studer there, as the basic beat pumps away. That is the basic pattern for all songs, as is usual when jazz artists tackle Hendrix. “Voodoo Chile” stands out also in this way, the thundering riff of which returns on “If Six Was Nine”. On that track Stucky distorts her voice electronically, so much so that one heads for the fast forward button! In fact her vocals do unfortunately spoil the album, taking one’s attention away from the superb musicianship of the other participants. “Manic Depression” suffers the same fate but Doran is stunning on that track as he is on the following “Message To Love” which is my favourite part and a rare choice on a tribute album !



Purple Haze, Stone Free, Little Wing, Manic Depression, Foxy Lady

That’s Paul Rodgers of Free and Bad Company fame.

Listen to it here


Burning Of The Midnight Lamp, Foxy Lady, The Velvet Moon, Mirrors, 1983 part 1, From 1983 to 1997 (Other Dimension World), 1983 part 2, I Don’t Live Today, The Wind Cries Mary, Seattle, 3 rd Stone From The Sun, VoodooChild (Slight Return), Little Wing, Bonus (Hendrix vocal)

VINCE MARTELL – “Psychedelic Cymbals- A tribute to Jimi Hendrix”

Foxy Lady, Can You See Me, Little Wing, Purple Haze, Stone Free, The Wind Cries Mary, Little Miss Lover, Manic Depression, Hey Joe, Fire, Red House, Spanish Castle Magic, Are You Experienced

If anyone knows all about highly charged psychedelic guitar, it’s Vince Martell. He laid down those monster riffs and solos on Vanilla Fudge’s landmark debut album in 1967. The band supported Hendrix on a number of occasions and Jimi was impressed enough to tell Vince to contact him if ever the Fudge broke up.
Vince sticks to 1967 songs for this very faithful approach, which I appreciated after listening to the many jazz improvisation Hendrix tributes. He stays very close to the original arrangements with just slight restructuring here or there.
Lots of lovely guitar work here and tough interpretations of Jimi’s riffs. Vince puts in the lead vocals which have a timbre similar to Phil Collins or Roger Taylor for example. Other band members are Peg Pearl on backing vocal and keyboards, Russ T. Blades on drums, Pete Bremy on bass.


IF SIX WAS NINE –  La Musica Di Jimi Hendrix Per Jazz Ensemble

If Six Was Nine, Little Wing: Ballad/Little Wing, Castles Made of Sand/Indians, Angel: Power to Love/Night Bird Flying/Angel/Figurati/Manic Depression, Driftin’, Third Stone From the Sun: Third Stone From the Sun/Room Full of Mirrors, Purple Lady in Voodoo: Voodoo Chile/Foxy Lady/Bag Man/Purple Haze

Here is a challenge if ever there was one, put together a Hendrix tribute without electric instruments, without guitar even ! Yes, this is an all out brass exploration of Jimi’s music. This takes things even further than the Gill Evans which stayed closer to rock and funk. Here it is only Alessandro’s drumming and percussion which maintain a rock base at times.
The songs are cleverly grouped together as suites. For someone unfamiliar with Hendrix, the album would hold its own. Excellent performances by the musicians and the trombonist vocalist Lucia Cappelli, although again, this sort of jazz vocalizing of Jimi’s music is not my thing.

Allesandro’s Website

JIMI HENDRIX REINCARNATION – “And don’t get mad now”

This CD features covers of:
Little Wing, Remember and Stone Free

OLE STAVETEIG – “Plays Jimi Hendrix”

Voodoo Chile, Purple Haze, Castles Made Of Sand, Hei Jo, Manic Depression, Foxy Lady, Little Wing, Fire, Red House, Burning Of The Midnight Lamp, Hey Joe, Angel

Alexei Aigui & Dietmar Bonnen – Up from the Skies: play the music of Jimi Hendrix

..And the Gods Made Love, Room Full of Mirrors, All Along the Watchtower, The Wind Cries Mary, Foxy Lady, Third Stone from the Sun, Up from the Skies, Moon, Turn the Tides…Gently Gently away, Red House, Pali Gap, Bold as Love, Little Wing, Moon, Turn the Tides…Gently Gently away again, Drifting, Angel

Alexei Aigui – violin, Dietmar Bonnen – piano

RON E. CARTER – “Play Hendrix”

Fire, Purple Haze, Little Wing, Dolly Dagger, Can’t Get Used To You, Hear My Train, Feel Good, Power Of Soul, All In Your Mind, Hey Baby, Message To Love, Voodoo Chile

Michael Powers & Richard Lee – “Spirits, A Tribute To Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix”

Recorded live at Terra Blues, NYC 1997
Including “Voodoo Chile”, “Hey Joe” and “Little Wing”.

PAUL GILBERT – “A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix”

Red House, Hey Joe, Highway Chile, Midnight, Purple Haze

Listen to it here

TRIAD -“Three Pianos For Jimi”

Message to Love, The Wind Cries Mary, Manic Depression, Cherokee Mist , 1983… (A Merman I Should Turn to Be), Love Or Confusion, Little Wing, Land of the New Rising Sun

GERI ALLEN & The Batson Brothers -“Three Pianos For Jimi”

Message to Love, Cherokee Mist , Manic Depression,The Wind Cries Mary, Land of the New Rising Sun, Love Or Confusion, 1983… (A Merman I Should Turn to Be),

The Music Of Jimi Hendrix & The Music Of David Balakrishnan

Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland), House Burning Down, 1983…A Merman I Should Turn To Be, Voodoo Child (Slight Return, Gypsy Eyes, Hey Joe, Little Wing, All Along The Watchtower


RANDY HANSEN – Classics Live (Tribute To Jimi Hendrix)

Fire, Gypsy Eyes, Spanish Castle Magic, Message To Love, Steppin’ Stone, Third Stone From The Sun, Stone Free, Hey Baby, Voodoo Child, All Along The Watchtower, Purple Haze, Hey Joe

RANDY HANSEN –Hendrix by Hansen

Sgt. Pepper, I Don’t Live Today, Foxy Lady, Are You Experienced, Little Wing, Red House, Bold As Love, Can You See Me, Manic Depression, Who Knows

ROY METTE – “A New Experience: An Acoustic Tribute To Jimi Hendrix”

Highway Child, Angel, Voodoo Child (Slight Return), The Wind Cries Mary, Hey Joe , Purple Haze, Red House, All Along the Watchtower, Fire, Little Wing, Stone Free, The Burning of the Midnight Lamp, Foxy Lady, May This Be Love

Little Wing

HIRAM BULLOCK – “Plays The Music Of Jimi Hendrix” (BHM 2009)
– featuring Billy Cobham

Crosstown Traffic/Little Miss Lover, Red House, Foxy Lady, Little Wing, Voodoo Child, Gipsy Eyes, Manic Depression

BRIAN BROMBERG – “Plays Jimi Hendrix”

Fire, Manic Depression, The Wind Cries Mary, Voodoo Chile, Freedom, All Along The Watchtower, Foxey Lady, Hey Joe, Crosstown Traffic, Spanish Castle Magic, Purple Haze

REED ROBINS – “Songs of Jimi Hendrix for Solo Jazz Piano”

Purple Haze , Manic Depression, Are You Experienced, The Wind Cries Mary, Fire , Foxy Lady, Little Wing, Bold As Love, Up From The Skies, If Six Was Nine, Electric Ladyland, Crosstown Traffic, Long Hot Summer, House Burning Down, Come On (PART One), Gypsy Eyes, Drifting, My Friend, Angel, Belly Button Window

Review and samples

ARTUR DUTKIEWICZ – “Hendrix Piano”

Voodoo Chile, Little Wing, Maniac Depression, The Wind Cries Mary, Third Stone from the Sun, Angel, Crosstown Traffic, Hey Joe, Changes

A jazz trio exploration of Jimi’s music. Artur is accompanied by Sebastien Frankiewicx and Daniel Biel.

JOURNAL INTIME – “Lips on fire”

Foxy People (Foxy Lady), Lover Man, Viens!, If 6 Was 9, Angel, Odysseus praeludium, Lips on fire, Hey baby, All along the watchtower, Little blowing, 1983… (a merman I should turn to be), Villanova junction

A French brass ensemble this time!

PHIL BROWN – “The Jimi Project”

Manic Depression, Purple Haze, I Dont Live Today, Voodoo Child, Fire, One Rainy Wish, If 6 Was 9, Love or Confusion, Spanish Castle Magic, Youve Got Me Floating, Aint No Telling, Are You Experienced?

ALEXANDRE DA COSTA – “Hendrix McCartney & Ysaye”

Are You Experienced, Manic Depression, May This Be Love, Third Stone From The Sun, Purple Haze, The Wind Cries Mary, Burning Of The Midnight Lamp

Classical interpretations.



Stone Free, Purple Haze, Manic Depression, Third Stone From The Sun, Bold As Love, Foxy Lady, Hey Joe, Up From The Skies, Little Wing, The Wind Cries Mary, Castles Made Of Sand, Blue Sunrise

CLAS YNGSTROM TRIO – “Tribute To Jimi Hendrix”

Them Changes, Red House, Foxy Lady, Voodoo Chile, Manic Depression, Power Of Soul, Hey Joe, Fire, Angel


Crosstown Traffic (Radio Edit), Purple Haze, Little Wing, Up From The Skies, Fire, Angel, Voodoo Chile, Electric Ladyland, Gypsy Eyes, Rainy Day, Dream Away… Still Raining, Still Dreamin’, Crosstown Traffic/ Little Miss Lover


Stone Free, Red House, Hey Joe, Fire, Voodoo Chile, Manic Depression.

Clas Yngstrom again on guitar and vocals with a live album.

MARSICANO SITAR EXPERIENCE – “Jimi Hendrix. A Sitar Tribute”

Angel, Cherokee Mist, Fire, Little Wing, Machine Gun, Purple Haze, Spanish Castle Magic, Third Stone From The Sun, Voodoo Chile, Waterfall

That is the sitar player Alberto Mariscano.

NDR BIG BAND featuring Inga Rumpf – “The Spirit Of Jimi Hendrix”

Foxy Lady, Spanish Castle Magic, Castles Made Of Sand, Ain’t No Tellin, Hey Joe, Stone Free, Gypsy Eyes, Fire, Fredom, Voodoo Chile, Purple Haze, Crosstown traffic

OUT OF PHASE – “Acoustic Ladyland – A tribute to Jimi Hendrix”

A re-reading of the entire album from Peter Mossman. This is just one of his many tribute projects.

D.J. ROK “Presents The Biggie Hendrix Experience”

Party & Bullshit/Foxy Lady, Nasty Boy/Purple Haze, Thingsdonechanged/If 6 Was 9, Notorious Thugs/All Along The Watchtower, Hypnotize/Wild Thing, Young G’s/Voodoo Child, Juicy/Are You Experienced

JAREK SMIETANA “Psychedelic – The Music Of Jimi Hendrix”

Fire, Voodoo Child, Rainy Day, Dream Away, Manic Depression, Third Stone from the Sun, Purple Haze, Little Wing, Up from the Skies, Crosstown Traffic, The Wind Cries Mary, Red

The polish jazz guitarist (with Nigel Kennedy guesting).

SCOTT FINCH – “A Live Tribute To Jimi Hendrix”

Voodoo Chile (Slight Return), Foxy Lady, Fire, Red House, Hey Joe, The WInd Cries Mary, Smashing Amps, All Along The Watchtower, Third Stone From The Sun, Night Bird Flying, Spanish Castle Magic, I Don’t Live Today, Love Or Confusion, If 6 Was 9, Little Wing, Castles Made Of Sand, All Along The Watchtower (version 2)

Antonio Jasevoli “Tie Trio” with Antonello Salis – “My Own Experience” the Music of Jimi Hendrix – MP3

Manic Depression, Pippetta, Angel, Foxy Lady, Allemande, Presto, Sarabande, Purple Haze, Muffin Man, Little Wing, 1983, a Merman I Should Turn to Be, Third Stone Free Intro, La Canzone Dei Serpenti, Strano Gioco, Gigue, Castle Made of Sand

Federica Zammarchi – The Jazz Cries Jimi – MP3

Foxy Lady, Angel, Purple Haze, Little Wing, Manic Depression, Drifting, The Wind Cries Mary, All Along the Watchtower, Third Stone from the Sun / Up from the Skies

LOVE SURF EXPERIENCE – The Songs of Jimi Hendrix in reggae & acoustic versions – MP3

Stone free, Who Knows, Power of Soul, I don t live today, Little Wing, If 6 was 9, Message to love, Burning of the midnight lamp, Earth Blues

Vic Vergeat – A Live Tribute to Jimi Hendrix (Horizons) – MP3

Third Stone From The Sun, All Along The Watchtower, Speed Peanut, Snow In Eckfort Street, The Wind Cries Mary, Patty Song, Gypsy Eyes, Sunshine Of Your Love, Burning Of The Midnight Lamp, Hey Joe, Little Wing

Insurgency: Eclectic Ladyland – A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix – MP3

Foxy Lady, Stone Free, Hey Joe, Manic Depression, Red House, All Along The Watchtower, 51st Anniversary, Star Spangled Banner/Purple Haze, Voodoo Chile, Little Wing, Are You Experienced, Killing Floor, Wild Thing

Only Cowboys Stay In Tune – The Music of Jimi Hendrix – MP3

Voodoo Child, Villanova Junction, Who Knows, Lover Man, Voodoo Chile, Little Wing

ROBIN MORRIS – An Instrumental, Orchestral Tribute to Jimi Hendrix – MP3

All Along the Watchtower, Hey Joe, Fire, Hey Baby / Land of the Rising Sun, Hear My Train a Coming (Unplugged), Little Wing, Like a Rolling Stone, Angel, Purple Haze, Voodoo Child, Foxy Lady, Burning of the Midnight Lamp, 3rd Stone From the Sun, Castles Made of Sand, Stone Free, Red House (Unplugged) [Violins Released]

The Experience: A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix by The Experienced – MP3

Foxy Lady, Stone Free, Hey Joe, Manic Depression, Red House, All Along The Watchtower, 51st Anniversary, Star Spangled Banner/Purple Haze, Voodoo Chile, Little Wing, Are You Experienced, Killing Floor, Wild Thing

Steinar Gregertsen – Standing Next To A Mountain – A Tribute To The Music Of Jimi Hendrix – MP3

I Don’t Live Today, Angel, May This Be Love, Drifting, Remember, Manic Depression, Bold As Love, Belly Button Window, Pali Gap

James and the Devil – Tribute to Jimi Hendrix – MP3

Intro / Stone Free, Foxy Lady, Hey Joe, Red House, Manic Depression, Spanish Castle Magic, All Along the Watchtower, Purple Haze / Voodoo Child

Oreo Blue – The Oreo Blue Experience / A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix

Purple Haze, Them Changes, Red House, Stratto-Strut, All Along the Watchtower, US, Voodoo Child (Slight Return), Who Knows, Little Wing, Third Stone From The Sun, Hey Joe

This project was officially licensed by Experience Hendrix and $1 from each album sold is be donated to VH1’s Save the Music Foundation in Jimi’s honor.


Davide Pannozzo – A Portrait of Jimi Hendrix

You Got Me Floating, Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland), If 6 Was 9, Red House May This Be Love, Freedom, Little Wing, Hoochie Coochie Man

THE FREMONTS GROUP – “The Best Of Jimi Hendrix”

Hey Joe, Fire, The Wind Cries Mary, Can You See Me, Purple Haze, Red House, Crosstown Traffic, Up From The Skies, Highway Chile, Foxy Lady, Voodoo Child, Stone Free

RUBBER BAND – “Hendrix Songbook”

Purple Haze, The Wind Cries Mary, Fire, Foxey Lady, Manic Depression, All Along The Watch Tower, Little Miss Lover, Rubber Jam

THE PURPLE FOX (Alex Boggs) – ‘A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix

Fire, Purple Haze, The Acid Test, Are You Experienced, Patch Of Grass, Foxy Lady, Hey Joe, Git Some, The Wind Cries Mary, Crosstown Traffic, Gittin’ Busted, Requiem For Jimi

My father once bought me this (“Er…, thanks Dad”). It was to be found in supermarkets amongst the budget albums in the early seventies. It’s pretty lousy and has some ridiculous vocals.
The cover illustration is from one of my favourite photos of Jimi by the late Linda Eastman (McCartney).

TEX – “Voodoo Hours”

Foxy Lady, Red House, Little Wing, Fire

PEET SHAW – “A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix”

Red House, Voodoo Chile, Hey Joe

For a German budget label (“Perl Serie”)

ELIAS ZAIKOS ‎– “Jimi Jam” (Hendrix Tribute Concert)

No Hendrix songs covered here just Rock Me Baby, Bleeding Heart and Hey Joe.

Black Diamonds – Tribute To Jimi Hendrix

No Hendrix songs here.


No cover versions here, but a fine electro-dance album dedicated to Jimi by The Ruf (D.J.Davis)

PEET SHAW – “A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix”

Red House, Voodoo Chile, Hey Joe

For a German budget label (“Perl Serie”)

ROSE HILL DRIVE – “Band Of Gypsys”

A re-reading of the entire album played live. “We Gotta Live Together” soon becomes “Ezy Ryder”. (Perhaps unofficial).

Pat Travers Band with Mock Rogers – The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Pat Travers: Spanish castle Magic, Bold As Love, The Wind Cries Mary, Hey Joe, Voodoo Chile, If Six Was Nine, You Got Me Floatin’
Mick Rogers: Fire, Highway Chile

A bootleg recorded in 1998



“Tyre tracks all across your back, I can see you’ve had your fun”